• Gesture

We implemented in our prototype different gestures, all represented by its own, individual sound that we recorded and modified with audacity and MuLab. The different gestures are shaking the cube, turning the cube in the air, sliding the cube and putting the cube down. We also added some game sounds so that the player can recognize when when to start, when he failed, when he found the correct gesture and when he won the round.

MemoCube MemoCube MemoCube MemoCube
  • User Test

With some user testings, we could define which gestures people were more likely to perform with a wooden cube. To define which sounds we should use, we also asked some testers to explain what for a sound they would put on the gesture they did instinctively previously. With other testers, we played different sounds and asked them to make a gesture which for them would correspond to the sound.

We tried to make some live experiments with a keyboard to test our final version but our concept was not adapted to this method so we directly create a functional prototype. We programmed an accelerometer that recognizes the different gestures and plays its corresponding sound.